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21st Spring Fest 2020

21st Rongali Bihu Celebrations 2020

With the advent of Spring, it brings Happiness, the moment to get altogether and celebrate it wholeheartedly, as it marks the beginning of the Assamese Calendar Year. Assam Society of Bangalore takes the privilege to organize its 21st Spring Festival on the very 11th of April 2020. The Event will showcase our Culture through our traditional Folk Dances, Bihu Husori, and with various other performances. The Main Attraction of the Evening would be the renowned Singers from Assam, Neel Akash and Subasana Dutta. We are pleased to Invite you all for the Celebration. Contact: 8904065298/9019630632/8217701098
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Spring Fest 2019

When Zubeen Garg Rocked Spring Fest 2019 in Bangalore

২১ তম ৰঙালী বিহু উদযাপন

সংস্কৃতি আৰু অসম প্ৰেমৰ বাবেই হওক নতুবা বাঙ্গালোৰে বাসী প্ৰৱাসী অসমীয়াসকলৰ মনৰ এক গভীৰ তাগিদাৰ বাবেই হওক , অসমীয়া হিচাবে আমি ইমান বছৰে হেঁপাহৰ ৰঙালী বিহুটি অধীৰ আগ্ৰহেৰে পালন কৰাটো এক দায়িত্ব তথা কৰ্তব্য বুলিয়েই ভাবি আহিছোঁ । সেয়ে জাতিৰ সংকট তথা ভাষা সংস্কৃতিৰ বিপদৰ এই বিতৰ্কিত আৰু উত্তেজিত পৰিবেশৰ মাজতো বিভিন্ন প্ৰত্যাহ্বান আঁতৰ কৰি কিছু খুদুৱনিৰ মাজত হলেও আন বেলিকাৰ দৰেই এইবেলিও বাপোটিসাহোন ৰঙালী বিহুটি আমি অহা ১১ এপ্ৰিল তাৰিখে উদযাপন কৰিবলৈ লৈছো । যোৱা ২০ বছৰৰ দৰে এইবাৰ আমি ২১ তম ৰঙালী বিহুৰ সাংস্কৃতিক অনুষ্ঠান পৰিবেশন কৰিবলৈ আমি আমন্ত্ৰণ কৰিবলৈ মন মেলিছোঁ সুমধুৰ কন্ঠশিল্পী সুবাসনা দত্ত আৰু নীল আকাশক । গতিকে হেঁপাহৰ ৰঙালী বিহুটি উদযাপনত সকলোৰে উপস্থিতি তথা সহায় সহযোগিতা আন্তৰিকতাৰে কামনা কৰা হ'ল।

Meet the Team

ASoB Team
An initiative of this kind doesn't happen without an amazing team. We're proud to have some of the finest member crew out there. Interested in joining?

Rongali Bihu Celebration 2019 - ASoB Bihu Dol


  • Congratulations to the Assam Society of Bangalore (ASoB) for organizing a wonderful and successful event. It was heartening to see happy faces all around. The efforts of each one of ASoB members is worth acknowledging and praiseworthy. Everything was planned and executed in great detail. This Puja has made a stunning debut, and I am sure already ranks among the best organized Puja pandals in Bangalore. Special mention should also be given to the "Bhog"

    Manash Sarmah
  • It's great to be here. Loved all the people enjoy puja to the fullest.

    Zubeen Garg
  • Way to go ASoB. A well organized Durga Puja. Felt like being at home. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

    Bornali B Sharma
  • This was My First Visit to an event in Bangalore organized by ASoB. All I can say is YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

    Beda Sonowal
  • This is the most organized Puja I have seen in Bangalore. I salute the people who have contributed towards making the Puja a success. WOW!!! Traveling over 40 KM every day was nothing in comparison to the pleasure, and joy of being at a wonderful atmosphere!

    Gautom Das
  • The 4 days of puja I really felt I was in Assam and not in Bangalore. Thanks ASoB for organizing such a magnificent puja. Hats off to the ASoB team for the grand affair.

    Rituraj Boruah

Glimpses of our previous Shree Shree Durga Puja

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