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Please make the payment through online transfer to ASOB Bank account deliver a cheque to the address mentioned below the form.
 Life Membership (Rs 3000)  Annual Membership for Professionals/Salaried (Rs 500)  Annual Membership for Students (Rs 200)

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership and ID card is valid for one year (Usually April 1st to March 31st).
  2. The membership card is the property of Assam Society of Bangalore, and shall be surrendered to, on relinquishment and/or termination of membership.
  3. The executive committee has full rights to cancel any membership without assigning any reason.
  4. All membership dues are paid on a yearly basis, with the exception of a Life Membership. Life member need to pay Rs 500 each year after the first year.
  5. All classes of members shall strictly follow the prescribed rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the executive committee from time to time. They are expected to observe proper decorum & dignity and not cause any inconvenience to other members, guests, and executive committee members. They shall pay there dues, annual subscriptions, etc. within stipulated time. Any misbehavior or violation of any rules by a member/his family/guests or non-payment of dues/fees etc. shall entail disciplinary action by the executive committee including termination of membership which shall be final.
  6. The membership card is strictly non transferable and shall be used only by the person in whose name it has been issued. Any misuse will lead to cancellation of membership.
  7. Applications will be screened by the executive committee of ASOB, whose decision to accept or reject any application shall be final.
  8. The executive committee reserves the right to revise the membership fee at the time of granting the membership.
  9. All concessions and facilities shall be offered only on presentation of valid membership card.
  10. Executive committee of ASOB reserves rights to make changes in the rules and regulations from time to time.
  11. Two copies of passport size photos are required with the applications.


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